About us.

Midwich Ignite is the deep tech investment arm of Midwich Group PLC, one of the world’s leading audio, video, and lighting specialist distributors. Our relationship with Midwich shapes our strategy by focusing on emerging technologies across hardware and software that not only have great growth potential but also complement our existing business model. 

Our impact extends beyond financial investment. The Ignite team leverages decades of entrepreneurial experience and deep industry knowledge, with a vast global network to help drive growth in your business.

Our investment appetite ranges from as early as seed rounds to late/growth stages.

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Our approach.

Three pillars of our investment strategy:


Deep industry knowledge

Our long-standing history in our sectors has helped us establish a strong network of industry relationships in the world of technology. This network is a valuable resource for sourcing talent and gaining diverse perspectives.


We back promising startups shaping sectors and industries that will define our future.


How we invest.

We like to roll our sleeves up and work closely with portfolio companies to identify areas of focus and how we can leverage our industry network and expertise to help achieve this. Representing over 600 vendors across the globe and with 22,000 customers in 28 geographic locations, Midwich Group is a powerful platform to help scale your business.


Capital from strategic investors

If you're looking to raise funding for your start-up, we invest in various rounds from seed to growth stages. Our approach combines smart capital with strategic support, empowering your startup's journey.


We invest in companies innovating in a select set of sub-sectors that align with our strategic objectives.

Deep Tech



Emerging audio visual and lighting technologies


Smart and connected spaces


Hospitality and event tech


Robotics and automation

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